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Facts Onsite Training

Facts Onsite Training

Aircare FACTS Onsite Training brings the complete FACTS Training course right to the hangar doors of our customers for a unique and highly effective training experience that builds stronger crew cohesiveness, saves time and saves cost.

This intensive two-day event covers 18 different learning modules and combines on-line pre-study, with interactive and engaging classroom presentations, and extensive hands on practical training.

Aircare brings our training tools to you including full-motion cabin simulators, walk-in fire trainer, hypoxia trainers, underwater egress dunkers, rafts and more.

Crews complete the event better trained, better prepared, and to work better as a team.

Training covers:

CRM 1 & Human Factors
Crew Coordination & Pax Briefings
Emergency Evacuation Land & Water
Simulator Drills
Inflight Medical BBP/CPR/AED
Hypoxia Awareness
Survival Search and Rescue
Ditching Pool Drills
CRM 2 & Fatigue
Evacuation Review
Simulator Drills
Inflight Fire & Smoke Procedures
Live Fire Training

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