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Open Enrollment Training

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Aircare FACTS Training Open Enrollment classes offer complete training at convenient locations across the US and in Europe. The training schedule allows crews to plan a time and place that’s right for them.

The complete Aircare FACTS Training course is offered in Initial (3 days) and recurrent (2 days) FACTS Training classes, and an optional 2 days of cabin service training .

Aircare FACTS Training is the most inclusive and comprehensive emergency procedures training available for business aviation pilots, cabin crew, and flight engineers. The course covers 18 different subjects and combines on-line self-study, with interactive classroom presentations, a new digital learning manual and hands-on practical skills training to ensure maximum retention of knowledge and skills. Aircare FACTS is widely recognized by business aviation employers as benchmark for training.

Training tools include full-motion cabin simulators, high-altitude trainers, walk-in live fire trainers, underwater egress dunkers and various emergency and safety equipment.

Curriculum Includes:

Pre-course On-Line Study – Required, Initial Starts
Medical Pre-course
Emergency Equipment
Dangerous Goods
Surface Contamination

DAYS 1 and 2 (Optional Service Training*)
Business Aviation Indoctrination
Trip Planning / Catering
Service SOPs
VIP Service Techniques
Tricks of the Trade
Wine Service
Practical Service Scenarios

DAY 3 – Required
Aviation Basics
Intro to CRM & Human Factors
Crew Coordination & Pax Briefings
Emergency Evacuation Land & Water
Simulator Drills

DAY 4 – Required, Recurrent Starts
Intro/BTF Review/Test
Aircare Access Medical BBP/CPR/AED
Hypoxia Awareness
Survival Search and Rescue
Ditching Pool Drills

DAY 5 – Required
CRM 2 & Fatigue
Evacuation Review
Simulator Drills
Inflight Fire & Smoke Procedures
Live Fire Training
Final Exams

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