Aircare International has strong record of keeping our students and instructors safe during these challenging times. We continue to work diligently to maintain this high standard of safety. Due to the resurgence of COVID-19, and in tandem with CDC guidance, we feel it is time to implement additional steps to help mitigate the threat. 

In order to follow the latest CDC guidelines, your upcoming Aircare FACTS Training has been modified to ensure everyone in the classroom can remain safe. 

Please review the following steps so you will be prepared when you enter the classroom:

  • Limited class sizes to maintain social distancing
  • Aircare is requiring masks where mandated by local and state law regardless of vaccination status and will provide masks on request
  • Only one person will be allowed in the raft at a time during wet drills
  • Simulator drills will be broken up into small groups to maintain distancing
  • Aircare personnel will be disinfecting all surfaces, often during class day
  • If you feel ill or have any symptoms, we ask you to reschedule your class
  • If you have recently come in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask you to reschedule your class
  • Aircare is recommending all students receive a COVID test within 72 hours of attending a course.  If you are not able to find a test, Aircare International can supply a BinaxNow COVID-19 rapid antigen test. This is available to all students attending Aircare FACTS classes across the country at no additional charge.

In addition to the above steps, each student will receive a health screening upon arrival. Your temperature will be checked and you will be asked a short series of questions. Our instructors will also be health screened and regularly tested before class.

Thank you for your support and helping us do what we can to keep our students and instructors safe.