For Employers

For Employers

Business aviation recognizes FACTS-Trained crews as the most well-trained in our industry, and because of this many of the world’s best flight departments require this training as a condition of employment for cabin crew members and pilots. The main reason for this is that FACTS training has contributed to business aviation safety and crew training for over 30 years and maintains a standard of unprecedented excellence. Employers ask for Aircare FACTS Training by name because we:

  • Provide a solid foundation for the professional expectations of cabin crew
  • Provide a known and documented curriculum with official training record
  • Provide an unwavering and challenging curriculum that aims to improve the level of proficiency each time the crew trains
  • Decrease liability and increases safety of both passengers and fellow crewmembers
  • If we test and determine that a potential crew member’s abilities are not a good fit with the safety demands in an aircraft, our industry responsibility is to not allow them pass the course

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