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For Crewmembers

For Crewmembers

Want to work for Aircare? Aircare Crews specializes in finding the right person for the right job and taking great care of our employees. Speedier paychecks and expense reimbursement, corporate credit cards* and no-charge emergency procedures training* are just a few of the ways that Aircare is different.

Below is a list of minimum crew requirements for working with Aircare Crews. We encourage those wanting to become business aviation cabin crew, to first gain experience in an airline environment.

Are you already working for a staffing company? You might consider asking them to hire you through Aircare Crews – it’s a win-win for them and you.

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Training on Us

Aircare understands that cabin crew and pilots often must pay out of pocket for their own emergency procedures training. We want to help by providing training free-of charge to qualified crewmembers. For cabin crew, if you work 24 days within a 12 month period, you’ll be eligible for Aircare FACTS Training at no charge. Aircare FACTS Training is industry recognized as the best training institution for crewmember emergency procedures training in the world.

*Corporate credit cards and training at no charge are provided to crewmembers that meet eligibility requirements.

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At Aircare International our goal is to serve a flight department that aims to propel ideals to practice.  

The degree of our guidance and engagement within your company comes down to your specific operational needs.  Aircare aims to add value to a flight operation by providing customizable and robust products in training, emergency preparedness, telemedicine, and staffing while working within framework already established within a flight department.  Our focus is to actively serve your business with consistency, experience, and mentorship.  We serve the best in the industry and want to share those best practices with you and your team.     

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