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Aircare FACTS Training provides business aviation with competency-based emergency procedures training that results in proficient, professional and prepared crewmembers. Thousands of aviation professionals train with Aircare FACTS each year because Aircare offers challenging, relevant, and hands-on training content that continuously improves crews’ skills and level of preparedness, regardless of experience.

‍For over 40 years, Aircare FACTS Training has been the innovative leader in human factor-based emergency procedures training for pilots, flight engineers, flight attendants, other cabin crew and executive frequent flyers. Aircare FACTS Training offers a variety of research-based programs, specifically designed to meet the needs of business aviation and public/military aircraft, especially those looking to meet the cabin safety requirements outlined in FAR Part 135.331.


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Aircare FACTS Training has a variety of training options for flight departments and crews. In addition to Aircare’s various fixed-base training facilities and over 300 scheduled courses in the US and in Europe, Aircare FACTS offers customized onsite training for clients. Aircare’s Onsite Emergency Procedures Training (EPT) brings the complete Aircare FACTS Training course to your hangar, providing a unique and highly effective training experience that builds stronger crew cohesiveness and enhances CRM. It saves time and alleviates operational burden.

Aircare FACTS Training is the most inclusive and comprehensive emergency procedures training available for business aviation pilots, flight attendants, and flight engineers.

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At Aircare International our goal is to serve a flight department that aims to propel ideals to practice.

The degree of our guidance and engagement within your company comes down to your specific operational needs. Aircare aims to add value to a flight operation by providing customizable and robust products in training, emergency preparedness, telemedicine, and staffing while working within framework already established within a flight department. Our focus is to actively serve your business with consistency, experience, and mentorship.  We serve the best in the industry and want to share those best practices with you and your team.

Contact us via web form or by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you!

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