Creating A New Industry Standard:

VVIP International™ is more than just a Corporate Aviation Training Program! VVIP International is a full service staffing agency offering staffing and personnel service explicitly to the aviation industry. At VVIP students receive a 6 day in-flight Corporate Flight Attendant Training that includes Flight Attendant Service, Safety and On Jet Training. The VVIP team and its Executive Director have solid relationships in the aviation industry with a vast network of esteemed colleagues and clients allowing the VVIP culture, hospitality, and prevention based programs to become specially curated for those seeking a career in private and corporate sectors of aviation, and for those professionals in the industry seeking to staff their jets.

When standard just isn’t enough

VVIP International™ Brings Quality To The Skies

Our crew knows what it takes to be at the top of the Aviation and InFlight Services Industry!


VVIP believes that students are our biggest asset. Our team has over 27 accumulative years in aviation and inflight service.

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Current and future crew members receive quality training that continues throughout their career. Learn what else we offer!

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Looking for a VVIP experience? By requesting one of our VVIP International™ crew, you get just that.

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"VVIP International is the leading training school for anyone looking into high end travel"

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Our Training

VVIP International™ Program:

A one of a kind, in-flight services curriculum, that focuses on producing the highest standard of corporate and private flight attendants in the Industry.

We raised the bar by cutting the time it takes to become a corporate flight attendant and receive your domestic and and international certification by almost 75%, using our expedited process.

Our programs are aimed at getting motivated students trained by the best. We utilize domestic and international instructors and take our classrooms into the sky onboard private aircrafts. Once certified, VVIP International™ offers placement opportunities through our Agency Services to get you up in the air.

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"Training with VVIP was an amazing experience! So many beautiful girls I was able to meet from all over the country. When they say we're VVIP Sisters, you feel the bond automatically. Everyone is there for each other. The skills you learn are top of the line, and the best part, hands on! From day one we learned fine dining, high tea service, plating techniques, flight etiquette, etc, to being submerged in the water learning how to save someone in a worst care scenario. I can't wait to continue my journey and see what's next!!!"
Naomi Guzman
Jan 2019


VVIP International™ Collection: A Comfortable Collection For Everyone

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