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$ 124.95 USD

The Aircare Smoke Escape Hood (SEH) is a portable smoke escape and evacuation mask for home, work, and travel. The Aircare Smoke Escape Hood can increase your time of survival by filtering out many of the toxic off-gases produced by combustion of today’s materials. Usually, if it can be filtered, the environment contains the necessary oxygen to sustain life. This is a product that serves as a layer of protection not only in aviation, but can be invaluable in a hotel fire or similar situation, and it fits easily into a briefcase or purse. For orders of 20 or more units, call Aircare International to inquire about a volume discount at 1-888-754-9805.


Rescue Laser Flares are safer, more effective and longer lasting than pyrotechnic signaling flares.

Red Magnum Rescue Flare – 72 hour battery life, visibility of 1-3 miles in daylight and up to 20 miles at night. Water proof to 80 feet. Draws 6000ft signal line at 16 miles.

RLFAA024-01    Red 72 hour, 20 mile laser flare