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The 2019 Aircare International Contract Flight Attendant Professionalism Scholarship

The career of business aviation flight attendant is challenging, especially for contract flight attendants as their job descriptions and expectations differ from flight department to flight department. The job demands a balance of proficiency in safety, service and the ability to command the cabin when the need arises. Contract flight attendants must bring their own safety culture, ethics and professionalism to their jobs each day.

The Aircare Flight Attendant Professionalism Scholarship is awarded to a contract flight attendant that exhibits exemplary levels of professionalism, safety consciousness, and proficiency in their career. They strive for continuous self-improvement and growth, and actively participate in the business aviation community.

Please provide three career references

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

Reference 3:


In your own words, describe what professionalism means to you and how you maintain your level of professionalism and proficiency within your contract flight attendant career. Include what standards you hold yourself to and what role training plays in your job? Max 300 words. All applicants of the Aircare Professionalism Scholarship agree to allow Aircare to publish their essay.