ViroFree Personal Disinfectant Kit

ViroFree Personal Disinfectant Kit


While millions of people purchase products to disinfect their homes, there has never been a portable disinfectant spray to protect against viruses and germs outside of the home. Now, a pocket size, portable disinfectant spray that kills both viruses and bacteria on surfaces you touch is available nationwide.

Kit includes:

  • 1/2 oz. portable spray bottle to take with you anywhere
    Two 2.0 oz. refills (enough for over 600 sprays)

Product Description

Protect yourself and your co-workers from more than 90 different kinds of germs and viruses – including Staph, Strep, E. coli, Herpes I & II, Influenza A & B, Asian flu, HIV, and even Hepatitis B.

  • Use VIROFREE on tray tables, toilets, shared telephones, door handles, armrests, just about any surface you might worry about germs and viruses.
  • VIROFREE is non-toxic. It is the same type of formula used in hospitals, yet safe enough to carry the lowest caution given by the EPA.
  • VIROFREE is effective against killing viruses which puts it in a class above antibacterial-only products. Safe and effective, this product is perfect for mothers of young children, travelers, gym members, the elderly – anyone at risk for contracting illness.