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Welcome to Telemedicine and Mission Safety Services

Aircare’s Access Assistance service is the only telemedical and mission safety support services company dedicated solely to business aviation flight departments across the US and the globe. We provide services for hundreds of flight operations that fly in aircraft as small as King Airs and as large as Boeing 767s. What they continually tell us is that Aircare Access Assistance provides them with more personalized services and more value for less money.

Aircare Access Assistance is more than a telephone number. It's a Mission Critical Emergency Preparedness Plan that helps you plan, prepare and train; and then helps guide any emergency situation home safely from anywhere in the world. Below are the critical areas of coverage our service provides

We invite you to review our services and products, and determine if Aircare Access Assistance is the right choice for your flight operations, crew, and principals.

Aircare Mission Safety Services

Emergency Telemedical

Worldwide Emergency telemedical including 24/7/365 access to our board certified physicians during emergencies or for crew consultations. Find out what it takes to cover your plane during an emergency.


An annual subscription for Aircare Access Assistance includes inflight Emergency Medical and Defibrillator Training for your entire flight department at any of our regularly scheduled Aircare Crew Training classes across the US or at your facility.

Medical Equipment

Be prepared for an emergency and make sure you have the right equipment on the plane. As part of the Aircare Access subscription, medical kit and AED content tracking is provided at no charge. Be Prepared!

How May We Serve You?

At Aircare International our aim is to serve you and your ideas.

The degree of our guidance comes down to the needs of your company. We want to best protect and serve you and your endeavors through systematic components that seamlessly blend with your well crafted concepts. Think of us as the extra nudge to propel your ideas into existence. Our focus is to actively serve your business while meticulously striving for consistency and mentorship throughout the process.

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