For Those Wanting To Become Cabin Crew

For Those Wanting To Become Cabin Crew

Welcome to business aviation! This is a fun and exciting industry that can be a rewarding career. But before you dive in completely, here are some things to think about:

Is this job right for me?

Those who have made successful careers as business aviation cabin crew have some common characteristics:

MacGyver-like problem solving skills

Successful Cabin Crews are self-starters and self-sufficient. They have the ability to anticipate what needs to be done and take care of it by themselves. They are constantly thrown seemingly impossible challenges and tasks and always find a way to solve the problem with limited resources – and do it with a smile. Business aviation isn’t for the easily frazzled.

It’s Zero Dark Thirty

It sure is – 2:37 am to be precise, and you’ve just been called to meet the plane at 5:00 am at the hangar with breakfast, lunch and dinner catering, and to crew a flight to the middle east for 7 days. Business Aviation cabin crews’ hours are every hour and everyday. So if you like the 9 to 5, business aviation might not be your cup of tea.

Super Hero Tights

Probably the most important characteristic of successful cabin crew is the ability to perform under fire – literally. The ability to take complete command of a cabin during an inflight emergency, whether it be a fire, engine failure, medical emergency or other, is an absolute must have. This means switching instantly from polite Clark Kent to Superman/woman and having the resolve and strength to do what needs to be done in an emergency. If you’re unsure about your own sureness, cabin crew might not be for you.


Business Aviation is not an easy industry to get into. When hiring, flight departments typically look for experienced cabin crew to ensure safety and service for their passengers. So how can you get experience if you can’t get hired? Well, airlines are a great way to start your career and may hire those with relatively little experience. They provide a great training foundation and you’ll come back to business aviation with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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