Advanced Field Medicine Training

Beyond First Aid Basics: Advanced Field Medicine

Three Day Course

Our Advanced Field Medicine Training is designed to expand on basic first-aid training by providing in-depth, hands-on training that will give trainees the confidence to perform life-saving emergency care during an extreme medical or traumatic crisis in remote emergencies inflight or on the ground. Learn the critical skills necessary to provide emergency care under the direction of an Aircare Access physician.


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Upon completing this 3-day training, trainees will be prepared and equipped to calmly and quickly assess patients and medical situations by learning to recognize the severity of an illness or injury and provide the proper medical care for various medical and traumatic problems.

Curriculum Includes:

  • High-performance CPR
  • Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Advanced Airway Management
  • Patient Exam Medical
  • Acute Coronary Syndrome
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Diabetic Emergencies
  • Neurological Emergencies
  • Shock: Types, Evaluations, and Treatments
  • Trauma Exam
  • Bleeding: Types and Treatments
  • Thoracic Injuries
  • Abdominal Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries and Splinting
  • Spinal Injuries

Optional Modules:

  • Wound Closure
  • IV Administration
  • Traction Splint Application
  • Advanced Airway Insertion
  • Narcan Administration
  • Remote Viewing System
  • Needle Thoracostomy
  • OB/GYN/Childbirth
  • Specific Childhood Illnesses and Injuries
AFM Course

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