Aircare ACCESS Assistance FAQ’s

What is Aircare Access?

Aircare Access Assistance is a service tailored and dedicated to private aviation (FAR 91 & 135) providing 24/7/365 tele-medical emergency support while in transit or in unfamiliar locations. Aircare Access also includes a host of ancillary services that clients use every day such as flight-tracking, customized medical kits and refurbishment, real-time destination security reports, concierge services, lost luggage and documentation support, remote prescription replacements, inflight medical training and more.  By solely focusing on the business aviation community, our service level matches the needs of our customer base.  Aircare Access does not support any FAR 121 operators, so our bedside manner fits the profile of its business aviation subscribers.

Who is covered by the Aircare Access assistance aircraft subscription?

Everyone who is involved with an operation on a subscribed aircraft:  this means pilots, cabin crew, passengers, maintenance and flight technicians who are associated with a covered aircraft.  Access does not place a limit those who are supported on a particular subscribed aircraft.  

How does Aircare Access bill for this service?

Aircare Access is a subscription-based service that can be arranged for single or multiple-year contracts.  Additionally Aircare Access provides its subscribers with customized medical kits, AED’s (defibrillators), RVS (wireless video and diagnostic hardware that links to our doctors, called “Remote Viewing Station”) as well as other specified emergency equipment to enable the best outcomes when crewmembers are faced with onboard medical emergencies.    

I understand that you provide more than just emergency tele-medical support, but do I have to pay for these extra services?

When you subscribe to Access you are covered--destination security reports, concierge requests, documentation support and all medical consultations/emergency support are included with your Access subscription.  Furthermore, Aircare Access believes that the best outcomes are derived from proficient caregivers on the scene.  It is for this reason that Aircare’s inflight medical training is provided to all subscribers free of charge in any of Aircare’s regularly scheduled medical training sessions (over 100 per year) around North America.  We welcome our subscribers to take advantage of our preparedness training because this is how positive outcomes are achieved in telemedical situations.    

How does a subscriber gain access to the “extras” provided by Aircare Access?

Send the request to or by calling 360-754-9805 for an Access team member to assist.  You will immediately hear back.

When I call the emergency Aircare Access Assistance line, whom am I talking to?

Aircare Access Assistance is a service specifically tailored to business aviation. When you call the emergency Access line, you will be talking with emergency dispatchers specifically trained for in-flight emergencies in a business aviation setting (there will be no question like, “is there a qualified medical professional onboard?”) who will assess your situation and, when necessary, immediately connect you our board certified emergency physicians in a three-way communication. The Access dispatcher never leaves the call.  He/she will continue to track the flight, enable efficient communication of what medical resources are on board, provide logistical recommendations, coordinate ground support, and will work with FBOs and EMS to fully support the crew until the emergency situation has passed or has been handed over to medical professionals on the scene.  

How do I contact the Access emergency line? When can I call and get support?

The Access emergency dispatchers can be reached at 360-753-7575. Access dispatchers are available 24/7/365. Clients will get the support they need in the air, on the ground or at sea.

Who do I contact to request a Travel and Security Report for an upcoming trip if I am an Access member? Why is this necessary?

A request can be emailed to with location(s) for upcoming travel. Requests for travel and security reports will also be enabled on the Aircare app for Aircare Access subscribers. We encourage our subscribers to be prepared with location-specific information before traveling by requesting these free reports.

Does an Aircare Access subscription come with a medical kit?

Aircare Access has an all-inclusive option for subscriptions which includes a customized medical kit and allows for limitless full-service restocking for the duration of the subscription.  Medical kits provided by Aircare Access are subscriber-owned. We encourage our subscribers to be comfortable with the contents and use of their medical kits through training.

Does the Aircare Access assistance subscription include training?

An annual subscription for Aircare Access includes Inflight Medical (and Defibrillator) Training for your entire flight department at any of our pre-scheduled classes at no charge.  If subscribers prefer to have a training session at their hangar, Aircare Access can provide this training session for a nominal fee.

What is the turnaround time for my medical kit refurbishment?

Please email Your notification will be received by one of our Access Team Members or call 360-754-9805.  Refurbishments are completed within 2-3 business days, plus shipping time.

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