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Aircare Crews provides flexible, tailored services to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern flight department. We work with single-plane operations up to the largest Fortune 500 flight departments with full and diverse fleets. The Aircare Crews 24/7 dispatch team will promptly handle and coordinate availability, scheduling, and dispatch of crew members, as well as logistical issues such as crew replacements, and travel arrangements to/from assigned locations.

No other aviation staffing company can provide the support to its personnel like Aircare Crews. Our approach is uniquely tailored to each client to optimize their safety culture and service experience.

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Customized Aviation Staffing

Aircare Crews Staffing has a unique advantage in its talent acquisition and recruiting process due to the relationship we share with our customers and those working within the industry. By virtue of Aircare’s FACTS Training® program, we often see our contract pilots and flight attendants in action while they train to be their best in stressful environments. Aircare Crews will also work with preselected crewmembers as dictated by our customers’ experience, preferences, and requirements.

The Aircare Crews 24/7 dispatch team will handle and coordinate availability, scheduling, and dispatch of crewmembers, as well as logistical issues such as crew replacements and travel arrangements to/from assigned locations.

Aircare Crews personnel are accompanied by robust aviation-specific insurance coverage, while benefitting from free Emergency Procedures Training through Aircare FACTS Training*, and free telemedical support through Aircare Access Assistance. We also provide our crewmembers access to Aircare corporate credit cards* so that incidental expenses related to the mission are handled seamlessly.

*Corporate credit cards and Aircare FACTS Training at no charge are provided to crewmembers who meet eligibility requirements.

Client Protection

A core component of Aircare Crews’ service offering is to insulate its customers from potential liabilities. We assume all employer responsibilities, including:

  • Pre-Employment Paperwork, Screening and Selection
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • W-2 Employment
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Employer Liability Practices Insurance
  • Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance
  • Non-owned Hull Coverage Insurance
  • State and Federal Payroll Tax Liabilities
  • Payroll/Expense Reimbursement

W-2 Employment Administration

One of the many benefits that Aircare Crews Staffing provides to corporate flight departments is the elimination of the administrative headache that accompanies the use of temporary assignments and retainers. We provide employment compliance and certainty of employment with regard to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employment tax obligations, Department of Labor (DOL), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime requirements, Workers' Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, and more.

Our aviation staffing service is tailored to each individual flight departments' needs, and allows them flexibility and control without the administrative workload. We ensure that your flight crew members are fully covered with aviation-specific liability insurance, and in full compliance with labor laws.

Interested in working with a contractor outside of our network? We can enroll them and process payroll as our employee regardless of role.

Eliminate Employee Tax Misclassification

The roles of contract pilots and flight attendants fall into the IRS classification of employee, misclassification of this can put your flight department at significant legal and financial risk.

Aircare Crews assumes this responsibility by establishing temporary or contract flight crews as our W-2 employees. This allows Aircare Crews to establish that we are the employer of record so your flight department eliminates any risk of misclassification.



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At Aircare International our goal is to serve a flight department that aims to propel ideals to practice.  

The degree of our guidance and engagement within your company comes down to your specific operational needs.  Aircare aims to add value to a flight operation by providing customizable and robust products in training, emergency preparedness, telemedicine, and staffing while working within framework already established within a flight department.  Our focus is to actively serve your business with consistency, experience, and mentorship.  We serve the best in the industry and want to share those best practices with you and your team.     

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