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Inflight Medical Training

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An inflight medical emergency is the most common emergency situation one faces as a business aviation crewmember. Aircare’s Inflight Emergency Medical and BBP/AHA BLS Provider, CPR-AED training for pilots, flight attendants, flight engineers and other cabin crew is an industry-leading one-day (4 or 8 hour) training program designed specifically for business aviation crewmembers.

This program trains practical first aid skills with considerations of time, space, and the limited resources available in a corporate aircraft. Hands-on emergency medical procedures are practiced either in the client’s aircraft or one of the Aircare FACTS full-size, full-motion cockpit and cabin emergency procedures simulators.

For Aircare Access Assistance customers, this complementary training includes a thorough review of your medical kit contents and the tools available for patient assessment and treatment, as well as live practice calls into the Aircare Access Communications Center. Aircare Inflight Medical training surpasses programs offered by our competitors, and is also well-suited for those who use outside telemedical providers aside from Aircare Access.  

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