The Aircare RVS™

The Aircare RVS™

The Aircare RVS (Remote Viewing Station) is a lightweight, compact, powerful, yet easy-to-use system for the purpose of remote diagnostics and physician observation of a medical patient in-flight. 

The Aircare RVS brings the doctor on board to see and hear the patient as well make clinical decisions and recommendations based on patient’s vital signs, which are transmitted real-time from the aircraft.

Unlike competitive systems, The Aircare RVS does not use any complicated wired harnesses that need to be attached to the patient. All of the RVS diagnostic equipment, included blood pressure cuff, Electrocardiogram, thermometer, glucometer, pulse-oximeter, and macro camera, are wireless and simple to use.

In addition to being lightweight, simple to use and highly effective, the Aircare RVS is a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

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