Aircare FACTS Training is the most comprehensive cabin safety and emergency procedures training available for pilots, cabin crew, and flight engineers in business aviation. The Aircare FACTS Training Emergency Procedures Training (EPT) course combines online pre-coursework, with interactive classroom presentations, a new digital learning manual, and hands-on practical skills training to ensure maximum retention of knowledge and proficiency.

Aircare FACTS Training is widely recognized by business aviation employers as the benchmark for training. Our training tools include an instructor corps with over 170 years of experience, full-motion cabin simulators, high-altitude trainers, full-size live fire trainers, underwater egress dunkers and various emergency and safety equipment.

Aircare FACTS Emergency Procedures Training (EPT) classes offer complete training at convenient locations across the United States. This training schedule allows crewmembers to plan a time and place that fits into their busy schedule.

Course Curriculum Includes:

DAY 1 – Optional –  Business Aviation Hospitality

This optional practical drill-focused day will incorporate all online pre-course learning into interactive, hands-on skill application.

Topics include:

  • The Business of Business Aviation
  • Professional Grooming & Appearance Standards
  • Business Jet and Cabin Familiarization
  • Trip Planning
  • Welcome Table & Lavatory Floral Arrangement
  • Catering Matrix and Menu Planning Fine Dining Etiquette
  • Wine, Tea, Coffee Service
  • Artistic Plating with Nuhma Tuazon
  • Body language
  • Business Aviation Food Safety
  • Luxury Service Enhancements
  • Private Jet Bed Making

DAY 2 – Required

  • Aviation Basics
  • Intro to CRM & Human Factors
  • Crew Coordination & Pax Briefings
  • Emergency Evacuation Land & Water
  • Simulator Drills

DAY 3 – Required

  • Inflight Medical (AHA AED/CPR/BBP)
  • High Altitude & Hypoxia Awareness
  • Emergency Evacuation Review
  • Survival, Search and Rescue
  • Ditching Drills

DAY 4 – Required

  • CRM 2, Threat & Error, Fatigue
  • Business Aviation & Personal Security
  • Inflight Fire & Smoke Procedures
  • Hypoxia Awareness Drills
  • Simulator/Evacuation Drills
  • Live Fire Training
  • Final Exam

Pre-course Study – Required

  • Medical Pre-course
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Surface Contamination
  • Security

Contact an Aircare FACTS team member to learn more and schedule at 360-754-9805.

This course is offered with 3 options:

  • Initial with Business Aviation Hospitality – additional 1-day bizav hospitality program (Monday – Thursday) and an additional 8 hours of online training w/ Flightess that provides a complete overview of luxury cabin service and business aviation. This program includes insightful topics including VIP cabin service, food procurement, handling and preparation, and galley safety.
  • Initial ONLY w/o Business Aviation Hospitality – 3-day (Tuesday – Thursday) comprehensive emergency and evacuation procedures program designed for corporate pilots, flight engineers or flight attendants with no previous corporate aviation emergency procedures training.
  • Recurrent – 2-day (Wednesday-Thursday) program designed for the corporate aviation professional who has completed an approved crew member emergency procedures training program in the past 12 months (per Part 135 standards).


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