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Custom Onsite Training

Custom Onsite Training

Aircare FACTS Training provides completely customizable programs to meet the needs of each client’s flight department with the ability to combine any of our core modules together to create a training experience within specific time constraints. Aircare FACTS has the ability to create single or multi-day training events to fulfill operational needs. These programs can take place at any Aircare FACTS Training Center or at the client’s facility.

Aircare FACTS Onsite Emergency Procedures Training has the ability to bring the complete Aircare FACTS Training course to the hangar doors of our customers for a unique and highly effective training experience that builds stronger crew cohesiveness, saves time, and fits their schedule. Aircare FACTS Training includes a combination of online, classroom, and hands-on experience with real emergency equipment.

Some of Aircare FACTS’ clients choose to supplement, reinforce and combine their own in-house training programs with our effective training methods including online self-study, interactive classroom presentations and hands on practical training using our instructors and training tools.

In addition to customized programs, Aircare FACTS Training specializes in the development and instruction of safety and emergency procedures for specific aircraft types. Our full-motion, full-size cabin simulators are fitted with overwing exits and emergency equipment for most major business aircraft types including Dassault, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, and Gulfstream. At any custom event, we encourage the use of the client’s actual aircraft to help customers gain comfort in specific safety features, equipment and procedures when possible.

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