Aircare FACTS Executive Frequent Flyer Training is for passengers of business and commercial aircraft, principals, their families and staff. The program integrates the human factor elements of flying and air travel safeguards. Participants gain knowledge and confidence in emergency responses, personal travel safety and security, as well as hands-on experience in smoke, fire, inflight emergencies and evacuations. This training meets the recommended emergency procedures training outlined in ISBAO 8.3.

Executives personally experience hard landings, turbulence, inflight fires and smoke, water landings and full evacuations in a safe environment. The Aircare FACTS Emergency simulator provides a realism in training unmatched in the industry and allows participants the freedom to touch and use real emergency equipment, overwing exits and doors without concern for damage to their own aircraft.

The instruction is offered at the client’s location and consists of two identical half-day sessions (morning and afternoon), for up to 10 participants per session.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Aircraft Specific Survey & Equipment Training
  • Inflight Fire & Smoke Procedures
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Evacuations – Land and Water
  • Personal Travel Security


Requires Aircare FACTS® Aircrew Emergency Procedures Simulator

  • Inflight Fire and Smoke Drills
  • Inflight Decompression Drills
  • Full-motion Emergency Evacuations – Land and Water

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