Aircare Aircraft Medical Kit (AMK) International RX
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  • Aircare Aircraft Medical Kit (AMK) International RX

Tactical Medical Pack


The Aircare Access Tactical Medical Pack provides confidence in the event of a life-threatening emergency. This on-the-go kit is customizable upon request. It is designed to help navigate extreme medical situations while traveling, allowing you and your team to provide life saving treatments that make a difference in a remote, emergency situation.

The Tactical Medical Pack has multiple compartments to ensure each category of first aid, emergency supplies, and equipment have a clear and designated location for immediate access. It is equipped with a comprehensive set of medical supplies with both ALS and BLS configuration options. 

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Tactical Medical Pack Content Overview 

Below are the components included in the ALS configuration, please speak with a representative regarding any differences between this, and the BLS configuration. 

  • Fully stocked OTC First Aid Medications
  • General First Aid Supplies 
  • Advanced Airway Management Kit
  • Emergency Pharmacological Kit
  • Trauma, Bleeding Control Kit
  • Emergency, Critical Care Medication Kit
  • Wound Care, First Aid Kit
  • Intravenous (IV) Access & Biohazard Kit
  • Vital Signs Monitoring Medical Kit