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The Aircare Firesock® Battery Risk Management System is designed for the transport of lithium battery-powered appliances (laptops, phones, personal electronic devices) in the aircraft cabin, especially in the cargo area, by containing the risks associated with a lithium battery fire. The Aircare Firesock includes an insulated flap, making the product capable of withstanding internal radiant temperatures up to 2000°F while maintaining relatively cool external ambient temperatures. The re-sealable storage tube is designed to carry 130 ounces of water for dousing the appliance and stopping thermal runaway as recommended in the FAA SAFO 09013. Heat resistant gloves offer extra protection. The Aircare Firesock is used to safely contain the appliance after the incident so that the crew can focus on emergency procedures surrounding the event. The Aircare Firesock is in use in over six global commercial carrier fleets, as well as hundreds of corporate aircraft. For orders of 10 or more units, call Aircare International to inquire about volume discounts at 1-888-754-9805.

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