The Aircare RVS™

The Aircare RVS™


The Aircare RVS (Remote Viewing Station) is a powerful, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use system designed to livestream encrypted video and diagnostic data in an emergency situation. The RVS software solution allows our board-certified physicians to see and hear a medical patient while monitoring key diagnostic data inflight, which is the standard in today’s remote emergency care. Unlike competitive systems that rely on expensive hardware, the Aircare RVS utilizes simple off-the-shelf diagnostic tools that communicate through an intuitive software dashboard to relay information with minimal patient invasiveness. The majority of the RVS diagnostic equipment, including the blood pressure cuff, electrocardiogram, thermometer, glucometer, stethoscope, otoscope and pulse oximeter, are wireless and simple to use. The Aircare RVS is a fraction of the cost of competitive systems, and comes with a year of Aircare Access telemedicine, training and set up as part of the purchase.

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