Telemedical Assistance

Telemedical Assistance

When a flight department subscribes to the Aircare Access Assistance service, we take time to undertand their operations in order to provide them exactly what they need for mission support and equipment. Understanding the types of missions, crews, passengers and current equipment helps us make recommendations that may improve treatment and response when a medical emergency occurs.

Once the right equipment is specified Aircare trains the customer on that equipment through training and practice, all of which is included at no charge as part of the service. Aircare Access does not charge for Inflight medical training in our regularly scheduled classes throughout the US.

Aircare International is partnered with the Emergency Telemedical Department of The George Washington University in Washington, DC. The George Washington University has one of the most respected and prestigious emergency telemedical departments in the world and has been Aircare’s partner for over a decade.

The scope of our Telemedical assistance is not limited to the actual emergency phone call. It begins when a flight department initially signs on with Aircare Mission Safety and includes every-day proactive services related to a potential medical emergency such as flight tracking, and health, safety and security briefings - all at no extra charge. Our aim is to provide training and services that continuously improve your crew’s safety, preparedness and proficiency.

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At Aircare International our goal is to serve a flight department that aims to propel ideals to practice.  

The degree of our guidance and engagement within your company comes down to your specific operational needs.  Aircare aims to add value to a flight operation by providing customizable and robust products in training, emergency preparedness, telemedicine and staffing while working within framework already established within a flight department.  Our focus is to actively serve your business with consistency, experience and mentorship.  We serve the best in the industry, and want to share those best practices with you and your team.     

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