Crew Staffing

Crew Qualifications

Crew Qualifications

At Aircare Crews Staffing, we pride ourselves on safety, professionalism, and confidentiality. Our large continuously-expanding database contains highly-qualified pilots and flight attendants that meet any requirements. Each search for candidates is customized to find those who meet the specific needs of each flight department, providing you the best placements for both temporary and permanent positions.

Pilots and Cabin Crew Qualifications

Captain Qualifications
  • Minimum total flight time 5,000 hours
  • Minimum 150 hours in needed aircraft
  • As PIC, meets all FAR Part 61.58 requirements
  • Aircraft Emergency Situation Training
  • Inflight Emergency Medical, AED, BBP, and CPR Certified
  • Experience and training in corporate aviation
  • Reference checked
  • Background checked
  • Drug tested upon request
First Officer Qualifications
Flight Attendant Qualifications

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At Aircare International our goal is to serve a flight department that aims to propel ideals to practice.  

The degree of our guidance and engagement within your company comes down to your specific operational needs.  Aircare aims to add value to a flight operation by providing customizable and robust products in training, emergency preparedness, telemedicine, and staffing while working within framework already established within a flight department.  Our focus is to actively serve your business with consistency, experience, and mentorship.  We serve the best in the industry and want to share those best practices with you and your team.     

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