Aircare product STORE FAQ’s

What is an Aircare REMOTE VIEWING STATION and How much does an RVS unit cost?

Aircare Remote Viewing Station (RVS) is an enhanced patient assessment tool that shares video-enabled communication and real-time diagnostic information with Aircare Access’ medical staff on the ground.  Being able to see and hear the patient provides emergency physicians a much greater degree of detail when providing distanced medical assistance. It also allows doctors to show responders how to perform further assessment and treatment protocols. Call 360-754-9805 to inquire about pricing.  The RVS is simple to use and powerful tool when faced with inflight medical emergencies. View the Remote Viewing Station (RVS) here.

What is an Aircare Smokehood?

The Aircare Smokehood is a device for rapid responses to immediate threats of smoke inflight, or a in hotel/office fire. The device is designed to provide a user up to 20 minutes of filtered breathable air, while also providing valuable eye protection in a smoke filled environment.  Aircare’s Smokehood packaging is very small, which makes it easy to have on hand.  It has a shelf life of 5 years. View the Smokehood here.

What is an Aircare Firesock?

The Aircare Firesock is a lithium ion battery fire containment device that is designed to contain heat and hazardous debris caused a battery that has gone into thermal runaway.  The Firesock is efficiently designed to consider the special constraints of business aviation, and is packaged for easy deployment.  It provides crewmembers a line of defense if faced with the rare, but serious, event surrounding a battery fire onboard an aircraft. View the Firesock here.   

Why did the online store not accept my credit card as payment?

For all International orders, please call the Access Department at 360-754-9805 to place an order. Only wire transfers will be accepted for international orders.

For all domestic orders, call into our Access department at 360-754-9805 to be assisted with placing an order.

Can I place an International order?

Yes, simply call our Access Department at 360-754-9805 with product and contact information including the shipping address. Only wire transfers will be accepted for all international orders.

Do I get a discount for being an Aircare Access subscriber?

Yes, Aircare Access subscribers receive a 10% discount on all new product orders.

Does a Certificate of Conformance come with product orders?

Upon request, we can send a certificate of Conformance with your order.

How do I place an order online?

Go online to

Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for your products?

Most MSDS are available upon request. Send an email to our Access department at with the specific ones desired

What is the size of the product I’d like to buy?

The dimensions are listed on our website in the product description.

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