ViroFree Personal Disinfectant

ViroFree Personal Disinfectant


While millions of people purchase products to disinfect their homes, there has never been a portable disinfectant spray to protect against viruses and germs outside of the home. Now, a pocket size, portable disinfectant spray that kills both viruses and bacteria on surfaces you touch is available nationwide.

The 1 oz. portable spray bottle is small enough to take with you anywhere.

Product Description

Protect yourself and your co-workers from more than 90 different kinds of germs and viruses – including Staph, Strep, E. coli, Herpes I & II, Influenza A & B, Asian flu, HIV, and even Hepatitis B.

According to Dr. Lucy Tomkins, professor of medicine at Stanford University, colds and flu are usually picked up from surfaces, like an armrest or washroom basin. (So are many contagious germs and viruses.) The culprit is contaminated surfaces, not dirty air.

Use VIROFREE on tray tables, toilets, shared telephones, door handles, armrests, just about any surface you might worry about germs and viruses.

VIROFREE is non-toxic. It is the same type of formula used in hospitals, yet safe enough to carry the lowest caution given by the EPA.

VIROFREE is the first of its kind, truly portable, virucidal/ germicidal disinfectant spray to kill over 100 different viruses and germs on surfaces – before they get on your hands.

VIROFREE is effective against killing viruses which puts it in a class above antibacterial-only products. Safe and effective, this product is perfect for mothers of young children, travelers, gym members, the elderly – anyone at risk for contracting illness. Toss it into a purse, gym bag, diaper bag or briefcase to help protect you and your family at home and “on the go”.

Ingredients: The active ingredient in VIROFREE is known as a quaternary ammonium compound. “Quats”, as the category is called, are one of the four basic chemical groups that act as sanitizers and disinfectants.